Long Daycare

We believe that as soon as a child enters the world that we know, they are learning. They are learning from us as parents and guardians and that learning continues as soon as they step foot into a LEAD Childcare Centre. We help prepare children for primary school as well as embed routines and rituals that help with everyday life.

A home away from home

We believe that there are infinite benefits for your child starting day care from as young as 6 weeks old. We recognise that it is important for them to feel safe and secure, as they would at home. This is why we pride ourselves on providing a home away from home environment for all children.

To adapt to a rapidly changing world, we offer families 9, 10 and 12 hour sessional bookings to help with the unpredictability life can throw at us.


Our Early Childhood Teachers strengthen children's sense
of belonging, being and becoming as they:

Make deliberate and well-informed decisions to promote and enrich children's holistic learning and development.

Build respectful relationships with each family, the community and professional partners.

Promote children's well-being and ongoing learning.

Interact with children with a clear focus to promote learning.

Support children with additional needs.

Monitor and assess children’s learning and communicate on their progress with relevant partners.

Build connections between children’s prior, current and future learning experiences to promote continuity.


Promoting continuity of learning for children

The Kindergarten guidelines also provide two tools for Kindergarten Early Childhood Teachers to assist them in promoting continuity of learning for children:

Assists teachers to assess, reflect and share information with families about children's progress.

A summary of each child's learning with contributions from the Kindergarten Program Early Childhood Teacher, families and children, created toward the end of the year.

Families retain this document and are encouraged to share it with their child's Prep Teacher to support a smooth transition to Prep.

"Our image of the child is rich in potential, strong, powerful, competent, and most of all connected to adults and other children."