Tegan Bourke - Under 3's Centre Manager


Hello! My name is Tegan and I am the Under 3's Centre Manager at LEAD Childcare Mango Hill.

Some of the reasons why I got into the childcare industry was seeing my own children’s amazing experiences in childcare.

I have loved my journey so far and have learnt so much along the way. Since beginning with LEAD Mango Hill as a part of the foundation staff I finally found a place that my own pedagogy aligns with.

I find so much inspiration from the Curiosity Approach and the Reggio Emilia approach.

I have loved the opportunity to research many theorists to support the reasons behind the why?

Being able to support all children feel connected to our service. Being able to encourage all children to feel capable in all aspects of their day.

Helping all children learn day to day skills for their future through a holistic way of learning. 


Tamika Carron - Over 3's Centre Manager


Hello, I'm Tamika. I'm the new Over 3 Centre Manager. I wanted to briefly introduce myself. I have been working in the Early Childhood Sector for 16 years. During that time, I have worked across all age groups and I’ve enjoyed my time in various rooms, which has provided me more understanding, knowledge and experience. I have been furthering my education progressively over the years in Early Childhood Education and Auslan. I follow the Reggio Emilia approach and love watching the children collaborate and learn through their interrelationships with their peers, parents and teachers.

I'm excited to be working alongside Tegan, our Under 3 Centre Manager and all the staff here at LEAD Mango Hill to build 'a home away from home' for your child/ren. I look forward to supporting our families and I’m excited to start my journey with you and your children.