Preparing your child for school through a recognised Kindergarten program can be an extremely positive stage in their educational and social development, before embarking on their life changing school years. All LEAD Childcare centres offer a Government Approved Kindergarten program, delivered by qualified early childhood teachers.

Government Approved Program

Government Approved Program

All LEAD Childcare centres meet the high standards required to deliver a Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten Program. 

Our quality facilities, materials, processes and Early Childhood Teachers combine to deliver an outstanding environment for your child's development.

The Kindergarten Early Childhood Teacher incorporates the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines into their program.  The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines builds connections between what children already know or can do, their learning in a kindergarten program, and future learning in Prep.


LEAD Kindergarten Early Childhood Teachers strengthen children’s sense of belonging, being and becoming as they:

  • make deliberate and well-informed decisions to promote and enrich children’s holistic learning and development;
  • build respectful relationships with family, community and professional partners;
  • promote children’s well-being and ongoing learning;
  • interact with children with a clear focus to promote learning;
  • support children with additional needs;
  • monitor and assess children’s learning and communicate on their progress with relevant partners;
  • build connections between children’s prior, current and future learning experiences to promote continuity.


The Kindergarten guidelines also provide two tools for Kindergarten Early Childhood Teachers to assist them in promoting continuity of learning for children:

  • The Continua of Learning and Development  
    • Assists teachers to assess, reflect and share information with parents about children’s progress.
  • The Transition Statement 
    • A summary of each child’s learning with contributions from the Kindergarten Program Early Childhood Teacher, parents and children, created towards the end of the year. 

Parents retain this document and are encouraged to share it with their child’s Prep teacher to support a smooth transition to Prep.