Petra Pickery

What does Petra Pickery like about working with children?

“When I started with LEAD my intention was to teach the children and hope I helped with the progression in their little lives. Since then the children have taught me with their cognitive development and many learning stages. I am learning so much more from the children and the impact they have had on me not only as adult but as a parent.”

Caitlin Fox

What does Caitlin Fox like about working with children?

“I love working with children because I can never get enough of each child’s growing personalities and truthfulness! No single day is the same! The numerous opportunities to watch the children grow and develop into confident, self-sufficient learners as they achieve their milestones creates a feeling of warmth and happiness. I love the opportunities to build strong relationships with the children, supporting them to feel safe, and allowing them to freely participate in all experiences using their preferred learning method!”

Rebecca Seage

What does Rebecca Seage like about working with children?

“I enjoy building relationships with all families and children, creating a happy and welcoming atmosphere.”

Kitana Rogers-Wihongi

What does Kitana Rogers-Wihongi like about working with children?

“Growing up, I was surrounded by a big family and being the eldest grandchild out of 27, I was tasked with the responsibility of helping to raise a lot of my younger cousins and siblings. This is where I first fell in love with the idea of helping raise the next generation. Just being able to witness the excitement and curiosity in the eyes of our little learners was something that really inspired me and so it was only inevitable that I’d take a career within childcare. Being able to witness that kind of excitement and curiosity within our children’s life and knowing I’m playing a part in that is honestly the best kind of reward I could ask for.”

Tarnya Spinks

What does Tarnya Spinks like about working with children?

“I have always been passionate about the care of children and their education. I love watching them explore and learn.”

Tiani Strickland

What does Tiani Strickland like about working with children?

“I love the Early Learning Sector because it all starts in the first 5 years of a child’s life. These years are so important, the children are our future. And I love being around the children, they give you an insight into how life should be, not how we create it as we get older.”

Jane Hargreaves

What does Jane Hargreaves like about working with children?

“Children are powerful and competent citizens, I enjoy working in an atmosphere where I can empower and help our children to grow, to understand their own unique selves.”

Kirsty Henderson

What does Kristy Henderson like about working with children?

“Watching a child grow and develop into their own little person is one of the most rewarding experiences. Building life-long connections and being a part of shaping the children’s little minds and preparing them for the future is something I look forward to each day. Each day is different with the children and their views of life and everchanging interests always inspire me to develop and learn more as a person.”

Chloe Mitchell

What does Chloe Mitchell like about working with children?

“What I like most about working in the industry is being able to support children to grow and reach all their personal milestones while developing a sense of who they are as a person. Being able to build a relationship with so many children and their families is probably one of the most rewarding jobs you could ask for. Also being able to learn and grow within myself, as every year delivers a new area to develop in personally you are never too old to learn something new.”

Tiffany Gill-Phelan

What does Tiffany Gill-Phelan like about working with children?

“Childcare is one of the most rewarding jobs anyone can do full of beautiful moments that become amazing memories; from building safe, secure and reciprocal relationships with both the families and children so they feel at home at our home away from home. Supporting children along their developmental journey and watching them become themselves and form their own unique identity through each milestone they achieve.”