Best Practice

We're passionate about providing an environment for your children which is built on nothing less than best practice in all areas. Some of these practices include (but are not limited to):

  • Delivering a stimulating and engaging curriculum
  • Creating programs which nurture the acquisition of lifelong skills and compliments children’s experiences, opportunities and relationships
  • Regular assessment of children’s learning and development by qualified early childhood educators
  • Regular professional development is undertaken by educators to maintain best practices
  • Critical reflection by educators on their own practice and on children’s learning
  • New Educators are taken through a full induction prior to commencement
  • A current blue card is held by all educators
  • Each service has a statement of philosophy which is developed in conjunction with children, families, educators, management and the wider community
  • A Quality Improvement Plan is development for each service in conjunction with children, families, educators, management and the wider community continually
  • Educators safeguard and promote children’s health and safety
  • Healthy eating and physical activity is promoted
  • Rich physical environments are created
  • Natural outdoor spaces are created to provide children with the opportunity to explore and investigate
  • Sustainable practices are embedded
  • Environmental responsibility is promoted, encouraging the children to show respect for the environment
  • Relationships of trust are built by educators with children and their families
  • Meaningful and open interactions support the acquisition of skills for lifelong learning
  • Collaborative learning opportunities are promoted 
  • The dignity and rights of each child is maintained at all times
  • Families are encouraged to spend time at the service prior to enrolment
  • Families are taken through a full orientation process upon commencement at the service
  • Children’s health and care needs are gathered and shared to maintain quality outcomes for children
  • Relationships with local schools are built and maintained to support the smooth transition to prep
  • Links with community and support agencies are established and maintained by the service
  • The expertise of families is recognised and we share in decision making about children’s learning and wellbeing

We are constantly striving to deliver best practices in new and innovative ways which ultimately benefit your children.