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Hello everyone,

Welcome to LEAD Baragra. 

My name is Jamie-Lee Williams, I have recently joined the team of dedicated Early Childhood Educators as Centre Manager. 

As I am a new face to the service, I would like to tell you all about my personal philosophy and how that blends in with LEAD.

I believe that children from the moment they are born are capable, inquisitive human beings and have the right to be a valuable member of their community and society. 

As the children become members of the LEAD community, we ensure that the whole individual is seen and heard, through collaboration with the child and the child’s first and most influential teacher the parent/caregiver, the educators take the time to understand the child’s cultural, emotional and developmental needs and interests. 

There are several ways the dedicated staff and I will do this;

Firstly, by open and honest communication and interactions with children and their families.

Secondly by engaging with the child and observing their natural social and solitary interactions with peers and the environment. 

& thirdly by ensuring that as qualified professionals, we keep up to date with current research.

As my personal philosophy also extends to the idea that the environment is the child’s third teacher and a valuable source of learning, it integrates beautifully with the LEAD philosophy, of play- based learning. LEAD practices are centred on the Reggio Emilia approach which advocates for uninterrupted exploration, play and learning. 

At LEAD we have implemented a free flowing program, allowing the children to access the indoor and outdoor environments, and empowering their choices.

Along with introduction, just a quick revisit of what LEAD Bargara offers;

We provide daily meals, prepared fresh on-site by our qualified cook, following a monthly menu approved by Nutrition Australia and given the ‘thumbs up’ by our children! Meals are served and enjoyed within a group setting, encouraging continued language development and a time of reflection.

Our children are able to begin their journey with LEAD from 6 weeks to 12 years. With 5 rooms, plus an outdoor OSHC place, we are able to provide individualized care, based on the needs of the child.

During this journey, we have Our Government approved Kindergarten program that is run by an Early Childhood Teacher with the aim to help your child gain all the skills necessary to become a confident learner in prep and beyond.  The children attending Kindergarten have the opportunity to transition to local schools together – providing foundation friendships, confidence and established social networks to make the transition to ‘big school’ easier.

Please feel free to call the Bargara service at any time, or pop in to say hello!

**Our fees also include nappies and linen for our under two’s.




"We love how friendly, understanding and welcoming the staff at LEAD Bargara are. The atmosphere, the other families, and how my child comes home excited and tells me all about his day he had at Kindy."


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Latest News!

Vacation care program - Easter 2019! Click on the link to find out more of what's on offer at LEAD Childcare Bargara this school holidays! LEAD Bargara - Easter Vacation Care Program.pdf