Qualified Educators

Our Educators

We pride ourselves on employing educators not only for their qualifications, but for their professional and caring disposition with children. We employ educators who are qualified or studying towards a qualification and all educators undertake an intense induction program before they commence employment. As a company we stipulate that all educators must hold a current first aid certificate, current CPR, current asthma and anaphylaxis and hold a current suitability card.

All our educators are the core of our business and represent the high quality care we provide all families and the wider community.

Professional Development

Our educators are our number one asset; we provide professional on-going training and industry development. This may be through in-house professional development training, guest speakers or seminars. Our educators are provided with programming time to ensure they have the opportunity to better develop their programming techniques and constantly improve educational programs for children.

Students and Volunteers

We encourage participation of students and volunteers within our services. We recognise this is for the benefit of future training and experience to grow the industry. At no time will students or volunteers be left alone with children as they will be under constant supervision by professional educators. Students and volunteers are taken through an induction prior to commencement and are fully informed of the service policies, procedures and practices. All volunteers are required to have a current suitability card provided by the Commission for Children and Young People.